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Zarepta Film Production AS is an independent film production company based in Bergen, focusing on narrative storytelling. Since its founding, we have honored the short film format and have produced a large number of award winning short films that have enjoyed massive distribution and critical acclaim nationally and internationally.

Now, we are expanding into the world of feature films and TV dramas, and have several projects in development. 

The Norwegian Film Institute on Zarepta Film Production AS:   

"[...] a pioneering film company in Bergen run by Siv Aksnes and Niels Peter Hærem. For several years, they have delighted Norwegian short film enthusiasts with condensed dramas, where human beings' diverse and irrational sides run like a thematic thread. Directors Aksnes and Hærem's short films have inspired many short filmmakers, and have helped lay the foundation for the vibrant western Norwegian film wave we have witnessed in recent years."

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